About Danica Invest ApS

Founded by Peter Stagetorn Kolos in 1994, as mother and holding company for several activities.

Hungry Dane Burgers

Founded 2017 with the goal to become one of the worlds leading burger-pushers.

Voted best burger in Denmark 2022, 2021 & 2020, as well as best burger in Copenhagen 2019 & 2018. Represent Denmark at World Expo, Dubai 2021. The world’s first and only kitchen where meat is prepared by sous-vide confit.


Danica Protein

Located in western Ukraine, and 2023 still one of Europes major producers of liquid industrial fats and bone and meat meal for animal feed.

Danica Production og Strategic Management

Started 2001 facilitating and supporting the contact to local Ukrainian producers, with the focus on governmental support and partnering.

Since 2022 very strongly involved in supporting and rebuilding Ukraine, by partnering and organizing groups. Very much focused on critical infrastructural.


Social housing in Ukraine, since 2023 mainly involved in rebuilding critical infrastructure.